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Highlights from Our Dance Therapy Workshop!

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Dance/Movement Therapy is transformative: Our workshop last week was a moving experience full of hope, joy, love, and letting go. Join our mailing list so we can Invite You to our upcoming workshop this Spring in NYC! Visit Thank you … Continue reading


*Full Moonvelyno Music Fest* Fall…

The full moon has enough energy to heighten waves, deepen tides, increase our psychic and emotional energy, and most of all, bring people together to CREATE.

Monvelyno Alexis and Jennifer Giuglianotti joined together to create an event that maximizes positive energy through live music, dance, and art-making. With over 60 friends and moon-lovers in attendance at Fisherman’s Dawta beautiful backyard, we soaked in the moonlight and celebrated life. THIS is what it is all about…. Divine creation.

We celebrate every SEASON on the night of the FULL MOON. Our next event is the…

*FALL Full Moonvelyno Music Fest*
November 16th 8-11 pm at Third Root Community Health Center
380 Marlborough Rd., Brooklyn, NY.
We welcome you –> Tickets here:


Dance/Movement Therapy in action!

Click the link to watch rare footage from a beautiful and healing DMT session I led yesterday!
MAD (MusicArtDance) Love Creators Meetup is my first gathering of creative folks: Live music, art-making, and dance/movement therapy. We planted a tree and grew as one; flexible and strong. THIS IS THE HEALING ENERGY WE CREATED… Amazing! Join this group and stay connected for the next event:

How do Creative Arts Therapies help people?

I was asked to be interviewed with a local newspaper about my art, dance, and dance/movement therapy. This prompted me to share my thoughts on an important questions:
3. What are some ways you’ve witnessed creative therapy affecting people?
Creative Arts Therapies help people in so many ways! Dance/movement therapy, in particular, goes right to the deepest core of our being: Expression of our selves through movement is a natural language without the filter of spoken words. Oftentimes, we cannot “put feelings into words” and this is where dance, art, and music therapies are the ideal, natural ways to express and heal. I have worked with children with developmental disorders (e.g, Autism Spectrum Disorders) who engage in; respond to; and expand through movement more than any other means of communication. The freedom in dance within the safe space of a group circle allows these children to be held physically and emotionally as they express themselves and learn. Language, gross/fine motor skills, spatial awareness, social communication, and rhythm are some areas that they expand. Being silly, laughing, and fully moving their bodies, they are able to achieve a balanced state. With adults undergoing psychiatric/psychological care, I have witness profound changes in the patients within a single group. Largely process-oriented in nature, the groups I lead allow people the confidence to connect with people in their own unique style of movement and creativity. Through movement, imagery is created, which serves the foundation for deep, emotional meanings that can be explored and verbalized: Arms raised to the sky can become a welcoming of rain, which turns into a cleansing exercise, and shedding of troubles/worries.anxieties/depressed feelings, etc. 
*Please share a way you have witnessed change or healing as a creative arts therapist! 🙂
Love, Jennifer



Defeat, Fear, Love… and Living Our Dreams

I want to share this interview with you because he addresses “the meaning of life”. We must focus on what we truly love, live fearlessly, and connect with others. Read his books, watch the interview, look inside yourself… I love Paulo Coelho’s books… Profound, Spiritual, Heart-felt, and Meaningful. I have underlined so many passages from his most recent book, Manuscript Found in Accra, that touch me deeply… Here are a few:

“Enthusiasm is the sacred fire”.

“Do not be afraid to fall in love again”. — (Paulo Coelho in this interview)

“The person who left us did not take the sun with them or leave darkness in their place. They simply left, and with every farewell comes a hidden hope”. 

“Sometimes love grows tired of speaking softly. Therefore, let it reveal itself in all its splendor, burning like the sun and destroying whole forests with its winds”. 

*”Help us to awaken the love sleeping within us before we awaken the Love in other people. Only then will we be able to attract affection, enthusiasm, and respect.” 



Job Search Continues… Little Bio :)

Jennifer Giuglianotti is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) from Pratt Institute in New York City. As an undergraduate majoring in psychology and dance, she pursued the application of creative movement with healing through DMT. Jennifer has worked in New York City and California psychiatric hospital units as well as in schools with children suffering from disorders such as autism. Growing up in Pennsylvania, her performance training spanned ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, and drama. In college at Drexel University and Temple University she focused on tap and modern dance, pursuing her tap training under tap giants at the NYC Tap Festival. Currently, Jennifer explores painting and dancing at the same time: creating “Choreography On Canvas”, exhibiting large-scale works and performing in NYC. As a teacher and healer, Jennifer supports children in exploring their natural movement language and unique ways of expression. Energy, enthusiasm, and laughter are woven with structure and balance in her classes to help children grow and create.